Saturday, April 25, 2015

A weekend update from KtC

Hope everyone has been enjoying the show the last few weeks. It's been a lot of fun putting it together and seeing the reactions of everyone on social media make it worth the while. I wanted to let everyone in on some upcoming events.

The end of this upcoming week, we are scheduled to move the website from our current site to an all new Zype designed Anthonycumia.com 2.0. For the past few months Zype has been working on both the site and the iOS app. This simultaneous development has allowed them to enhance features on both the website and the app for both viewing and listening. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, the plan will be that this upcoming Thursday (April 30) evening after the show the website will come down and begin the switchover. We expect it to be back up early Friday, but there will be times over next weekend that there will be site outages as our current developer and Zype work to ensure that Monday May 4th everything will be up and running for the live show.

Once the new website is up and the iOS app is tested with it and working, Zype will be submitting the app to the Apple App Store for approval and distribution. We expect this to be a short process and foresee it going live for everyone early to mid May. As soon as Zype has this live in the App Store, Android development will begin immediately. We expect that the development time for this will be substantially shorter than iOS being much of the wire frame will be similar. Roku will follow shortly after as well.

So there is a quick what to expect. We're very excited at the compound for the new site and apps. We hope this will make everyone's viewing and listening experiences much easier and fulfilling.

See you all Monday.

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  1. Mid May has come and gone and still no app. This is becoming ridiculous. Accessing the show via audio podcast is getting tiresome, was hoping this app would obviate that. But now it just feels like we're being jerked around. Jerking around your subscribers is ill-advised, at least give us a fucking update here or on the air already.