Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 Rundown

Ending TACS week, Ant vows to get his haircut, gives us a few teasers for tonight’s Red Eye, and talks about the parties he’ll be hosting this weekend.

We see a drone PSA, one from Australia for not sleeping in the road (the fuck?), a clever PSA for domestic violence, watch a news clip about a melee at City Hall in St. Louis, and get turned on to the “Gangsta Hotline.”

After a few lovely calls, we learn Gwyneth Paltrow suggests steam cleaning your vag, watch a video of the “V-Steam” treatment, get an update on “The Rent Is Too High” guy Jimmy McMillan, and Lady Di calls in to give us an update of her own.

Ant moves to the poker table with Mike Bocchetti to talk about Michael Moore, gambling, not censoring yourself, issues with management, technology changing the sex and dating game, hairdo’s, and the difference between NY and Cali comedy clubs. Mike tells us about the work he’ll be doing for Interrobang, they discuss how cartoons have changed, “Stuff Dudes Like,” Mike tells us a story about a gal and potato salad, and they chat about old-school commercials and TV shows. They then talk about a man arrested for his emoji use, go through a list of “unsafe” children’s toys from the 70’s, reminisce about cigarette ads and the violence allowed in cartoons when they were kids, and end the show talking about the “Most Offensive Song” contest and banging skankarooni’s.  @AliNotAlli


0:00 START
0:00 Finally getting his hair cut
0:01 Red Eye prep
0:08 Super Bowl, who cares?

0:33 CALL - Brian - DE - Holes in the NFL PSA
0:35 CALL - Joe - NY - Marriage and vaginas

0:55 CALL - Lady Di - NJ - Update on her life

0:59 GUEST - Mike Bocchetti at the Poker Table
  1:00 Mike hates Michael Moore
  1:01 Poker abilities
  1:04 Problems with authority
  1:06 Mike's drone story
  1:08 Tinder
  1:10 Buying a gun
  1:12 Haircuts
  1:14 Moving out to California
  1:17 Cartoons
  1:24 Hitting on girls
  1:26 Successful ad campaigns
  1:29 Mason Reese 
  1:31 Horrible clothes and habits in Columbo
  1:33 LeMat revolver
    1:38 Guess the Emoji Story
  1:53 Old cigarette ads
2:11 END

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015 Rundown

Ant starts the show thanking everyone for joining his AMA on Reddit last night, further explains some of the answers he gave, we learn that Bill Burr is in the Australian news for being “offensive,” that Howard Stern has an opinion on Sam Smith, find out WTF Sam Smith is, and discuss not realizing that celebs were gay back in the day.

We see the Go Daddy ad that was yanked from the Super Bowl for being “cruel,” Ant suggests a replacement ad, talks about the “Most Offensive Song” contest, and plays the trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie.

Comedian Josh Wolf calls in to talk about his upcoming gigs at Gotham Comedy Club, his hernia surgery (fucking ewwww), the side effects of Vicodin, shitting habits, the Super Bowl and “deflate gate,” and rule breakers in sports. We watch a video of some convenient store shenanigans, a news story about a student charged with assault on his high school teacher in NJ, one about teacher/student sex in the teacher’s lounge, and Anthony opens the phone lines to the callers. Ant then gets into a story about Michelle Obama in Saudi Araba, shows us the trailer for a new reality show called “Sex Box,” chats about TV’s obvious attempts to shock the public, and reminds everyone that he’ll be on Red Eye this Thursday. @AliNotAlli


0:00 START
0:01 100th Show Reddit AMA
0:04 VIDEO - Ant's AMA 
0:06 The Bill Burr dilemma
0:07 IMPRESSION: Bob Eatman phone call
0:19 Didgeridoo population

0:29 Praying for Taylor Swift nude pic leaks
0:39 Scott Greenstein calls Don Buchwald

0:48 GoDaddy's new dolphin ad

0:50 Offensive Song
0:52 CALL - BEN - PA - O and A conspiracy

0:57 GUEST - Josh Wolf
  0:58 Hernia surgery
  1:03 Vicodin constipation
  1:08 Visiting Boston in the winter
  1:09 Deflategate
  1:13 Everyone cheats in sports
  1:18 Wacky DJ from Louis story
1:20 END - Josh Wolf

1:45 CALL - Chris - TN - Ant story stolen
1:48 CALL - Ed - Buffalo  
1:50 CALL - Mike - CA - Foreigner subscribers
1:51 IMPRESSION - Asian Ant subscriber
1:52 STORY - Michelle Obama doesn't cover up
2:02 Plugs
2:03 Fox News group shows
2:05 END

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015 Rundown

The big 100th show kicks off with a blizzard update, a few pics of “snow damage,” apologizing about overselling the storm, and hearing about a fatality.

Ant talks meteors, Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts being hacked, Taylor Swift nudes, Taylor Swift grandma panties, and Taylor Swift’s belly button. Seriously, Ant loves Taylor Swift.

Drones are back in the news, we watch a few explosive videos, and Rich Vos calls in to congratulate Anthony on his 100th show. The guys chat about everyone’s need to do a podcast, addictive tendencies, gambling, Rich gives a PSA on drinking and racism, they discuss the importance of Jews, choosing your wording correctly, Bonnie sticks up for Rich’s speech impediment, and the guys wax about the radio they used to do together.

We get new info regarding vehicle tracking, Ant and KtC disagree about the government dictating people’s actions during certain weather conditions, hear about a wannabe state trooper busted during a lie detector test, and Ant tells us a Brother Joe lie detector story. The chick with three tits gets busted for a DUI, we get an update on (still a fat pig) Penny from “My 600lb Life,” people’s love/hate when it comes to reality TV, watch a killer’s lack of apology in court, and learn that we will soon investigate squirting live on TACS. A caller discusses cum vs. squirting, we check out a snatch diagram, KtC and Ant have a three-way with the co-hole, and we wrap up reading a story about a mom screwing her daughter’s teen ex-boyfriend.  @AliNotAlli


0:00 START

0:01 Blizzard bust
0:07 Remembering Mayor Menino's speeches
0:09 News from Nantucket
0:14 Over-hyping asteroid impacts
0:16 PIC - Animal Drama - 2 -

0:20 Taylor Swift photoshops

0:36 GUEST - Rich Vos
  0:36 Congrats on 100 episodes
  0:39 Vos and Bonnie fight on their podcast
  0:44 Craps is the crack of gambling
  0:46 Vos negotiating with SiriusXM
  0:48 Vos trying to explain Anthony
  0:51 Driving conditions
0:56 END Vos

0:56 Rich and Bonnie's arguments
0:57 CALL - Chris - Tampa - Drones on CNN
1:05 Driving curfew in NY
1:12 CALL - Dave - Boston - Driving curfew
1:14 CALL - Lady Di - no answer

1:19 Brother Joe defeats the lie detector
1:22 Reddit AMA plug
1:28 My Big fat Fabulous Life
1:31 The shittiness of reality TV

1:33 CALL - Mike - NJ - Cop shoot video

1:40 Female ejaculation
1:45 CALL - Brian - Lindenhurst - Female ejaculate
1:50 How girls pee
1:51 CALL - Nate - Memphis - It's piss
1:53 Ant gets a girl to squirt
2:01 END

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 Rundown

Monday starts with a bit of #Blizznado talk, we wish SkyMall arrivederci, watch some news coverage on the big storm, and Ant lets us in on his plans should the power go off.

We hear about Anthony’s night out, learn about a stripper midget and then play a little game of “would ya,” we’re treated to yet another clip proving that shitbag Rev Al can’t read, see a new video of a police shooting and get the NAACP’s reaction to it, and a caller suggests we check out “The Color of Fear.”

Benedict Cumberbatch apologies for using the word “colored,” the callers get their say, we get a breaking “blizzard alert,” check in with Nucky Thompson, and watch a cop dash cam video with a noncomplying cunt.

We read a plus sized model’s story, watch a clip of the TLC show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Ant gives out more info on the “Most Offensive Song” contest and hears a couple of early entries, we go through Monday’s mail, and end the show checking back in with the weather that now includes a bit of backpedaling. @alinotalli

0:00 START
0:02 News coverage of the snow
0:06 People effected by the snow
0:06 Local ABC coverage
0:16 PIC - Beavis 
0:17 VIDEO - Beavis Cumia show
0:18 Ant's waitress was hot
0:31 VIDEO - Al Sharpton teleprompter
0:39 CALL - Aaron - LA - The Color of Fear 
0:47 CALL - Luke - England - Use of coloured in England
0:51 CALL - Pete - Trenton - Body cams on cops
0:55 Armed American Radio
0:58 CALL - EJ - Philly - Affirmative Action
1:00 Local ABC snow coverage
1:02 CALL - Nucky Thompson - AC - Colored
1:04 CALL - Luke - NJ - Cops and tasers
1:27 CALL - Connor - CA - Chubby chaser
1:32 CALL -
1:32 CALL - Jack - OH - Fat Girls
1:36 CALL - Jeff - Calgary - Dating fatties
1:40 Most Offensive song entries

1:46 Mail Time Monday - Postcard - Mouse pad - Nerd Glasses - FU de Blasio - Adam Ferrara concept car
1:50 Live snow coverage
1:54 Women prefer impotent guys
2:00 END

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 Rundown

Sporting a faux coif, Anthony breaks down some #TBT pics, tells us about Kevin Smith’s new movie “Tusk” and plays the trailer, confesses that he gave the game “H1Z1” another chance, and then shows us a killer cop dash cam video.

We learn that Darren Wilson was cleared in the Mike Brown shooting, watch an odd cut in a NASA video, and see a typical sports dad.

Ant relocates to the poker table to join Louis J. Gomez and Dave Smith from the Legions of Skanks Podcast to chat about his appearance on their show, swastikas, a new scientific report claiming women on top during sex is dangerous, their worst sex injuries, and teachers having sex with students. They also discuss feminists, the cloud invading privacy, watch a dad addressing the racism and bullying his daughter encountered, and the importance of words these days.

Luis brings up a takedown video at a Florida Walmart due to a concealed weapon which leads them to talk about gun permits, gun violence, shooting at ranges, the second amendment, and the show ends with Ant pontificating on gun responsibly and introducing the guys to the Hydromax from Bathmate. - Ali Lerman


  • Luis J Gomez - @LuisJGomez
  • Dave Smith - @ComicDaveSmith 

0:00 START
0:01 Ant's hair

0:13 Ant reviews 'Tusk' by Kevin Smith
0:22 Playing H1Z1

0:51 GUEST - Luis J Gomez and Dave Smith at the Poker Table
0:54 Swastika design on shirt
1:07 Worst sexual injuries

1:16 Hypocracy in feminism
1:29 Experiencing racism
1:40 Exposing kids to racism
1:52 Shooting guns
2:03 Adrienne Iapalucci love
2:06 END

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2014 Rundown

Today kicks off with a rundown of last night’s State of the Union, the Twitter feedback, and Ant offers up his pros and cons regarding the event.

He then jumps into this thoughts on a new PC game he played called “H1Z1”as well as one called “Day Z,” and the guys from PKA Podcast join the show to talk about MMO gaming, how they started their podcast, their day jobs, scenarios they’ve encountered while gaming, and give everyone some gaming advice. Anthony then discusses how the Second Amendment varies from state to state, gets into some “Asian news” with an insane video and a salty suicide story, we hear about a man getting cooked to death in a sauna, and read an article that claims “Cannibal Cop” has an on-line dating profile.

Ant admits he’s enjoyed being solo around the compound for the last few days, we get the details of the “Most Offensive Song Contest," watch a clip of Jenny Hutt rapping with NKOTB, and find out that Ant will be doing Red Eye on January 29th. Ant confesses he is a “Howie wannabe,” we do a “savage break” by watching some Islamic lovelies, we witness a windshield impaling, and watch a video of what happens to a no respect having asshole in a fast food restaurant. - Ali Lerman


0:00 START
0:00 State of the Union
0:03 Live tweeting the event 
0:11 Obama cuckolds middle class Rebecca

0:19 Ant looking for a PC game
  0:20 H1Z1 is just walking around the woods
  0:22 DayZ - Ant feels racism
  0:26 CALL - Chris - Lindenhurst - H1Z1

  0:32 Zombie games
  0:35 Watching cum snorting
  0:40 Shooting guns
  0:46 Girls and PKA
  0:51 Call of Duty help
  0:57 DayZ stories
1:03 END PKA

1:04 Differences in state laws
1:23 Playing video games when girls are over

1:28 Offensive song contest rules
1:37 Jenny Hutt sex fantasy
1:41 Joe Walsh tweets SOTU
1:45 Howard Hughes' final days
1:59 CALL - Steve - PA - Muslims and Nazis
2:03 END

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015 Rundown

0:00 START
0:01 New co-host
0:08 American Sniper controversy
  0:20 VIDEO - Trailer 
  0:29 Ant reviews American Sniper
  0:44 Hogan's Heroes analogy

0:46 CALL - Sean - PA - George Washington painting
0:47 CALL - Elliot - NY - Chris Kyle portrayal
0:50 CALL - Ray - Rancho - Obama and ISIS
0:51 STORY - ISIS threats - Soccer game - Japan 
0:53 CALL - John - AZ - Rogan's tweet

0:59 Mail Time - Drink Bell - Beavis Bobblehead - Ferguson doc - Mouse pads - Obama TP - Mouse 

1:25 CALL - Lady Di - NJ - update

2:05 END

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2014 Rundown

0:01 START
0:01 Ant has a dream
0:11 Sex scenes on soap operas
0:20 Keith's SCUBA trip to the Cayman's. Big Black Dicks 

0:40 CALL - 38 Double D - Sexy talk
1:04 STORY - African American inventions

1:13 Anthony's cell phone picture trick
1:14 CALL - Pete - Edmonton - Ghosts 

1:25 Hydromax Bathmate
1:30 PIC - Heeldo - Guy Heeldo - Girl Heeldo

1:38 CALL - Jay - Colorado - Ralphie May edibles
1:41 Medicines in candy form
1:44 CALL - Cameron - NM - No bobo
6:03 END

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015 Rundown


0:00 START
0:03 Ant brings his gun to the studio
0:06 Detectives visit the Compound
0:37 Adam Sandler's last good movie
0:40 CALL - Jimmy - Boston - Protesters in Boston

1:08 GUEST - Ari Shaffir in Skype
1:10 Ari's horrid asshole
1:14 Rogan's podcast set up
1:16 The UFC kiss
1:20 END Ari Shaffir

1:44 CALL - Lady Trucker - Anthony's costume idea
1:49 Penis Pump instructions
2:02 END

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015 Rundown


0:00 START
0:01 Legion of Skanks foggy podcast
0:04 Set-ups of different podcasts

0:23 CALL - John - Philly - Ray Rice vs The Talk
0:26 White men privilege

0:31 GUEST - Nick DiPaolo at the Poker Table
0:35 The deterioration of the Evening News
0:37 Sheppard Smith attacks Nick
0:41 Anthony's house screams 'I hate people'
0:44 Ant gets pulled over for speeding
0:54 Lies replacing the truth
0:57 Getting your news from The Daily Show
0:59 Porno or News?
1:01 Ohio State riot
1:06 Reverse racism in commercials - Gerber 
1:09 Anazlyzing The Perfect Storm, Gone Girl, and Falling Down
1:14 Rape jokes
1:18 Louis CK's politics
1:20 Patrice O'Neal clearing a room
1:24 Comedians timing
1:37 The Militarization of police
1:41 Being recorded at the doctor
1:53 Technology in the military
2:01 Reddit arguments
2:02 Jackie Martling stops by
2:06 Podcast west coast tour
2:07 Jackie Martling story
2:10 END

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015 Rundown

0:00 START
0:01 Running late to the show
0:03 Reddit's take on the Adam Carolla Show
0:07 Inside info on Opie vs. Carolla
0:14 Legion of Skanks plug
0:15 B&W TV monitor

0:31 Predestination movie review
0:34 Televisions

0:59 TSA Precheck

1:46 CALL - Alan - NM - Cop killed in Albuquerque
1:48 CALL - Kenton - TX - Albuquerque police department
2:05 END

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 Rundown

0:00 START
0:01 Back from LA - Jet Blue first class 
0:05 West Coast podcast tour - Jay Mohr - 1 - 2 -
0:11 Kevin Pollak's Chat Show - 1 - 2 -
0:18 Mr. C hotel 
0:20 Adam Carolla Show - 1 - 2 - 3 -
0:24 Carolla brings up conflict with Opie
0:29 Opie staying at people's houses

0:32 Pizza on the comforter
0:37 The amazement of flight
0:44 Keith scuba diving

0:45 CALL - Lady Trucker - Tenn - Ant spit or swallow?
0:47 CALL - Rob - Staten Island - Buzzsaw sound on plane
0:52 CALL - Steven - Toronto - Opie on show?
0:54 CALL - Pete - NJ - Update on thief
0:56 The 20 minute system failed
0:57 CALL - Sidney - NY - Hanging with Big A 

1:01 Ant's hair on Pollak's Chat Show
1:05 Mr. Monogamy fights with his wife
1:11 Rat's Jew retreats

1:13 Shitty Christmas Gift contest - Peeler - Batman underwear - Portable TV
1:28 Mail Time Monday - Busty Model - Bible - Swastika - Cop Stories - Slingblade shirt

1:35 Pat fm Moonachie's brother scam

1:49 Bush's big ball bag
1:53 CALL - Michael - KC - Song contest
2:03 Happy Birthday to Howard!
2:06 END

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8, 2014 Rundown


0:00 START
0:01 Mystery Guest - Club Soda Kenny
0:02 Anthony's wanted poster
0:04 Piers Morgan on O&J
0:07 Body cameras on cops
0:09 Working out over the holidays
0:11 Getting fired
0:12 Overhearing talk about Anthony
0:13 Kenny gets on camera
0:15 The staff of O&J
0:17 VIDEO - Cop doesn't shoot kid
0:20 Thoughts on de Blasio
0:23 Cop stories
0:24 Jim Norton plugs
0:28 SiriusXM employees
0:30 CALL - Jared - Grand Rapids - Jim Norton show

0:33 STORY - de Blasio banned from holding groundhog
0:38 Piers Morgan on de Blasio
0:40 Kenny comes back in the studio
0:41 Parents teaching their kids to fear the police
0:42 Police weapons
0:49 CALL - Sean - PA - de Blasio's son

0:58 Normalcy bias
1:12 Destroying phones and computers

1:14 GUEST - Kevin Pollack
1:15 Anthony invited to stay over
1:19 Dealing with girlfriend's parents
1:25 Unusual Suspects stories
1:32 Opening up to the audience
1:38 End Pollak

1:39 Pollak's impressions
1:39 Ant scene in Top Five
1:41 Joe Curry on Brother Joe's Show
1:44 Sway Domestic Violence PSA 
1:46 Shade 45's morning show

1:58 Westcoast weekend podcast tour
2:02 END

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7, 2015 Rundown


0:00 START
0:00 Don't jump to conclusions
0:01 No heat at the Compound

0:03 Muslim's attack French parody site
0:11 Obama doesn't really take a stand against it
0:25 CALL - Matt - Dallas - Who can I shoot?
0:27 CALL - Collin - Canada - Liberals and Muslims

0:32 GUEST - Adam Carolla
0:36 No comedy in positivity
0:43 Adam back on the phone
0:43 Thought on Paris
0:48 Timothy McVeigh
0:53 Birth control with health insurance
0:59 End Carolla

1:01 'Stay at Someone's House' guy
1:04 If you know Big A you can stay at Ant's house
1:21 CALL - Matt - Winchester - Joe Biden
1:23 CALL - Julian - PA - Joe Biden
1:24 CALL - Jeff - Alberta - Bob Kelly

1:25 Ant got jealous of the Opie and Jimmy show -pic-
1:29 Begging for mouse pads
1:31 CALL - Bobo - Job update
1:35 CALL - Steve - Bronx - Lady Di's feet
1:40 Keith fighting fires
1:50 Update on the Compound Thief
2:01 Joe Curry on Joe Cumia's show
2:02 END

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6, 2015 Rundown

0:00 START

0:13 Ant gets pulled over for speeding
0:23 Putting the Mustang up for sale

0:35 CALL - Ed - VT - Movie Brainstorm
0:37 CALL - Mark - Lindenhurst
0:38 CALL - Ryan - NY - Cris Angel story
0:40 CALL - Sean - Baltimore - Sex toys
0:40 Real Sex Dolls
0:45 Building a Real Sex Doll
0:52 CALL - Pirate Trucker - WI - Virtual sex toy
0:55 CALL - Frank - NJ - Computer Sex

0:59 GUEST - Luis Gomez joins Ant in the studio
1:02 Phone addictions
1:05 Dealing with haters
1:08 YouTube racism
1:14 TV News is unwatchable
1:15 Guns
1:28 Shiprocked Tour with no internet
1:31 Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust App 
1:37 Artificial Intelligence
1:38 EZ Pass rumors
1:40 Singularity
1:42 Luis' myriad of podcasts
1:50 Comic pranks
1:52 Legion of Skanks
1:57 CALL - Chris - PA - Luis birthday wish
2:00 Luis fan appreciation
2:06 UFC fights
2:14 END

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015 Rundown

0:00 START
0:01 Vacation shows
0:01 Bob Kelly's special this Friday
0:02 Movies on regular cable
0:03 New Years party at the Compound
0:03 The year of Back to the Future
0:06 Rat's scuba trip pictures -1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10    
0:09 Ant gets raped at his poker game -pic-

0:30 Cris Angel's shitty magic
0:31 CALL - Mike Calta - Cowhead vs. Bubba 

0:48 Spanking stories
0:56 CALL - Dan - PA - Paulie Walnut wings
0:58 CALL - Julian - PA - Asian glasses

0:58 CALL - Steve - Canada - Cops watching spanking
1:00 CALL - Imus - FL - Spanking
1:02 CALL - Pete - Trenton - Pat Mahaney dies after beating

1:15 Mail Time Monday - Lolita Glasses - Obama Cards - Monocle - Breath Easy Shirt
1:25 Bad Christmas Presents - MJ Bobblehead - Chef Timer - Jeweled Tape Dispenser - Dead Lizard

1:29 CALL - Jordan - Toronto - Wooden spoon beatings
1:37 CALL - Eric - Smithtown - Women at gas stations

1:43 Ant's movie reviews - The Interview - Fury
1:54 CALL - Jack - Wisconsin - No leg girl
2:01 END