Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22, 2015 Rundown

Sporting a faux coif, Anthony breaks down some #TBT pics, tells us about Kevin Smith’s new movie “Tusk” and plays the trailer, confesses that he gave the game “H1Z1” another chance, and then shows us a killer cop dash cam video.

We learn that Darren Wilson was cleared in the Mike Brown shooting, watch an odd cut in a NASA video, and see a typical sports dad.

Ant relocates to the poker table to join Louis J. Gomez and Dave Smith from the Legions of Skanks Podcast to chat about his appearance on their show, swastikas, a new scientific report claiming women on top during sex is dangerous, their worst sex injuries, and teachers having sex with students. They also discuss feminists, the cloud invading privacy, watch a dad addressing the racism and bullying his daughter encountered, and the importance of words these days.

Luis brings up a takedown video at a Florida Walmart due to a concealed weapon which leads them to talk about gun permits, gun violence, shooting at ranges, the second amendment, and the show ends with Ant pontificating on gun responsibly and introducing the guys to the Hydromax from Bathmate. - Ali Lerman


  • Luis J Gomez - @LuisJGomez
  • Dave Smith - @ComicDaveSmith 

0:00 START
0:01 Ant's hair

0:13 Ant reviews 'Tusk' by Kevin Smith
0:22 Playing H1Z1

0:51 GUEST - Luis J Gomez and Dave Smith at the Poker Table
0:54 Swastika design on shirt
1:07 Worst sexual injuries

1:16 Hypocracy in feminism
1:29 Experiencing racism
1:40 Exposing kids to racism
1:52 Shooting guns
2:03 Adrienne Iapalucci love
2:06 END

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