Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21, 2014 Rundown

Today kicks off with a rundown of last night’s State of the Union, the Twitter feedback, and Ant offers up his pros and cons regarding the event.

He then jumps into this thoughts on a new PC game he played called “H1Z1”as well as one called “Day Z,” and the guys from PKA Podcast join the show to talk about MMO gaming, how they started their podcast, their day jobs, scenarios they’ve encountered while gaming, and give everyone some gaming advice. Anthony then discusses how the Second Amendment varies from state to state, gets into some “Asian news” with an insane video and a salty suicide story, we hear about a man getting cooked to death in a sauna, and read an article that claims “Cannibal Cop” has an on-line dating profile.

Ant admits he’s enjoyed being solo around the compound for the last few days, we get the details of the “Most Offensive Song Contest," watch a clip of Jenny Hutt rapping with NKOTB, and find out that Ant will be doing Red Eye on January 29th. Ant confesses he is a “Howie wannabe,” we do a “savage break” by watching some Islamic lovelies, we witness a windshield impaling, and watch a video of what happens to a no respect having asshole in a fast food restaurant. - Ali Lerman


0:00 START
0:00 State of the Union
0:03 Live tweeting the event 
0:11 Obama cuckolds middle class Rebecca

0:19 Ant looking for a PC game
  0:20 H1Z1 is just walking around the woods
  0:22 DayZ - Ant feels racism
  0:26 CALL - Chris - Lindenhurst - H1Z1

  0:32 Zombie games
  0:35 Watching cum snorting
  0:40 Shooting guns
  0:46 Girls and PKA
  0:51 Call of Duty help
  0:57 DayZ stories
1:03 END PKA

1:04 Differences in state laws
1:23 Playing video games when girls are over

1:28 Offensive song contest rules
1:37 Jenny Hutt sex fantasy
1:41 Joe Walsh tweets SOTU
1:45 Howard Hughes' final days
1:59 CALL - Steve - PA - Muslims and Nazis
2:03 END

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