Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29, 2015 Rundown

Ending TACS week, Ant vows to get his haircut, gives us a few teasers for tonight’s Red Eye, and talks about the parties he’ll be hosting this weekend.

We see a drone PSA, one from Australia for not sleeping in the road (the fuck?), a clever PSA for domestic violence, watch a news clip about a melee at City Hall in St. Louis, and get turned on to the “Gangsta Hotline.”

After a few lovely calls, we learn Gwyneth Paltrow suggests steam cleaning your vag, watch a video of the “V-Steam” treatment, get an update on “The Rent Is Too High” guy Jimmy McMillan, and Lady Di calls in to give us an update of her own.

Ant moves to the poker table with Mike Bocchetti to talk about Michael Moore, gambling, not censoring yourself, issues with management, technology changing the sex and dating game, hairdo’s, and the difference between NY and Cali comedy clubs. Mike tells us about the work he’ll be doing for Interrobang, they discuss how cartoons have changed, “Stuff Dudes Like,” Mike tells us a story about a gal and potato salad, and they chat about old-school commercials and TV shows. They then talk about a man arrested for his emoji use, go through a list of “unsafe” children’s toys from the 70’s, reminisce about cigarette ads and the violence allowed in cartoons when they were kids, and end the show talking about the “Most Offensive Song” contest and banging skankarooni’s.  @AliNotAlli


0:00 START
0:00 Finally getting his hair cut
0:01 Red Eye prep
0:08 Super Bowl, who cares?

0:33 CALL - Brian - DE - Holes in the NFL PSA
0:35 CALL - Joe - NY - Marriage and vaginas

0:55 CALL - Lady Di - NJ - Update on her life

0:59 GUEST - Mike Bocchetti at the Poker Table
  1:00 Mike hates Michael Moore
  1:01 Poker abilities
  1:04 Problems with authority
  1:06 Mike's drone story
  1:08 Tinder
  1:10 Buying a gun
  1:12 Haircuts
  1:14 Moving out to California
  1:17 Cartoons
  1:24 Hitting on girls
  1:26 Successful ad campaigns
  1:29 Mason Reese 
  1:31 Horrible clothes and habits in Columbo
  1:33 LeMat revolver
    1:38 Guess the Emoji Story
  1:53 Old cigarette ads
2:11 END

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