Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015 Rundown

The big 100th show kicks off with a blizzard update, a few pics of “snow damage,” apologizing about overselling the storm, and hearing about a fatality.

Ant talks meteors, Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts being hacked, Taylor Swift nudes, Taylor Swift grandma panties, and Taylor Swift’s belly button. Seriously, Ant loves Taylor Swift.

Drones are back in the news, we watch a few explosive videos, and Rich Vos calls in to congratulate Anthony on his 100th show. The guys chat about everyone’s need to do a podcast, addictive tendencies, gambling, Rich gives a PSA on drinking and racism, they discuss the importance of Jews, choosing your wording correctly, Bonnie sticks up for Rich’s speech impediment, and the guys wax about the radio they used to do together.

We get new info regarding vehicle tracking, Ant and KtC disagree about the government dictating people’s actions during certain weather conditions, hear about a wannabe state trooper busted during a lie detector test, and Ant tells us a Brother Joe lie detector story. The chick with three tits gets busted for a DUI, we get an update on (still a fat pig) Penny from “My 600lb Life,” people’s love/hate when it comes to reality TV, watch a killer’s lack of apology in court, and learn that we will soon investigate squirting live on TACS. A caller discusses cum vs. squirting, we check out a snatch diagram, KtC and Ant have a three-way with the co-hole, and we wrap up reading a story about a mom screwing her daughter’s teen ex-boyfriend.  @AliNotAlli


0:00 START

0:01 Blizzard bust
0:07 Remembering Mayor Menino's speeches
0:09 News from Nantucket
0:14 Over-hyping asteroid impacts
0:16 PIC - Animal Drama - 2 -

0:20 Taylor Swift photoshops

0:36 GUEST - Rich Vos
  0:36 Congrats on 100 episodes
  0:39 Vos and Bonnie fight on their podcast
  0:44 Craps is the crack of gambling
  0:46 Vos negotiating with SiriusXM
  0:48 Vos trying to explain Anthony
  0:51 Driving conditions
0:56 END Vos

0:56 Rich and Bonnie's arguments
0:57 CALL - Chris - Tampa - Drones on CNN
1:05 Driving curfew in NY
1:12 CALL - Dave - Boston - Driving curfew
1:14 CALL - Lady Di - no answer

1:19 Brother Joe defeats the lie detector
1:22 Reddit AMA plug
1:28 My Big fat Fabulous Life
1:31 The shittiness of reality TV

1:33 CALL - Mike - NJ - Cop shoot video

1:40 Female ejaculation
1:45 CALL - Brian - Lindenhurst - Female ejaculate
1:50 How girls pee
1:51 CALL - Nate - Memphis - It's piss
1:53 Ant gets a girl to squirt
2:01 END

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