Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015 Rundown

Ant starts the show thanking everyone for joining his AMA on Reddit last night, further explains some of the answers he gave, we learn that Bill Burr is in the Australian news for being “offensive,” that Howard Stern has an opinion on Sam Smith, find out WTF Sam Smith is, and discuss not realizing that celebs were gay back in the day.

We see the Go Daddy ad that was yanked from the Super Bowl for being “cruel,” Ant suggests a replacement ad, talks about the “Most Offensive Song” contest, and plays the trailer for the new Fantastic Four movie.

Comedian Josh Wolf calls in to talk about his upcoming gigs at Gotham Comedy Club, his hernia surgery (fucking ewwww), the side effects of Vicodin, shitting habits, the Super Bowl and “deflate gate,” and rule breakers in sports. We watch a video of some convenient store shenanigans, a news story about a student charged with assault on his high school teacher in NJ, one about teacher/student sex in the teacher’s lounge, and Anthony opens the phone lines to the callers. Ant then gets into a story about Michelle Obama in Saudi Araba, shows us the trailer for a new reality show called “Sex Box,” chats about TV’s obvious attempts to shock the public, and reminds everyone that he’ll be on Red Eye this Thursday. @AliNotAlli


0:00 START
0:01 100th Show Reddit AMA
0:04 VIDEO - Ant's AMA 
0:06 The Bill Burr dilemma
0:07 IMPRESSION: Bob Eatman phone call
0:19 Didgeridoo population

0:29 Praying for Taylor Swift nude pic leaks
0:39 Scott Greenstein calls Don Buchwald

0:48 GoDaddy's new dolphin ad

0:50 Offensive Song
0:52 CALL - BEN - PA - O and A conspiracy

0:57 GUEST - Josh Wolf
  0:58 Hernia surgery
  1:03 Vicodin constipation
  1:08 Visiting Boston in the winter
  1:09 Deflategate
  1:13 Everyone cheats in sports
  1:18 Wacky DJ from Louis story
1:20 END - Josh Wolf

1:45 CALL - Chris - TN - Ant story stolen
1:48 CALL - Ed - Buffalo  
1:50 CALL - Mike - CA - Foreigner subscribers
1:51 IMPRESSION - Asian Ant subscriber
1:52 STORY - Michelle Obama doesn't cover up
2:02 Plugs
2:03 Fox News group shows
2:05 END

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