Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 Rundown

Monday starts with a bit of #Blizznado talk, we wish SkyMall arrivederci, watch some news coverage on the big storm, and Ant lets us in on his plans should the power go off.

We hear about Anthony’s night out, learn about a stripper midget and then play a little game of “would ya,” we’re treated to yet another clip proving that shitbag Rev Al can’t read, see a new video of a police shooting and get the NAACP’s reaction to it, and a caller suggests we check out “The Color of Fear.”

Benedict Cumberbatch apologies for using the word “colored,” the callers get their say, we get a breaking “blizzard alert,” check in with Nucky Thompson, and watch a cop dash cam video with a noncomplying cunt.

We read a plus sized model’s story, watch a clip of the TLC show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Ant gives out more info on the “Most Offensive Song” contest and hears a couple of early entries, we go through Monday’s mail, and end the show checking back in with the weather that now includes a bit of backpedaling. @alinotalli

0:00 START
0:02 News coverage of the snow
0:06 People effected by the snow
0:06 Local ABC coverage
0:16 PIC - Beavis 
0:17 VIDEO - Beavis Cumia show
0:18 Ant's waitress was hot
0:31 VIDEO - Al Sharpton teleprompter
0:39 CALL - Aaron - LA - The Color of Fear 
0:47 CALL - Luke - England - Use of coloured in England
0:51 CALL - Pete - Trenton - Body cams on cops
0:55 Armed American Radio
0:58 CALL - EJ - Philly - Affirmative Action
1:00 Local ABC snow coverage
1:02 CALL - Nucky Thompson - AC - Colored
1:04 CALL - Luke - NJ - Cops and tasers
1:27 CALL - Connor - CA - Chubby chaser
1:32 CALL -
1:32 CALL - Jack - OH - Fat Girls
1:36 CALL - Jeff - Calgary - Dating fatties
1:40 Most Offensive song entries

1:46 Mail Time Monday - Postcard - Mouse pad - Nerd Glasses - FU de Blasio - Adam Ferrara concept car
1:50 Live snow coverage
1:54 Women prefer impotent guys
2:00 END

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