Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2, 2014 Rundown



4:07 PM Keith gets the death shits
4:10 PM Anthony refuses Lady Di's call
4:11 PM Anthony goes to the bank and Keith ditches him

4:16 PM CALL - Ed - Vermont - Keith should be called "Stacks"

4:29 PM Richard Gere's gerbil rumor stood the test of time

4:40 PM CALL - Lady Di - NJ - Caught panhandling at Burger King

4:50 PM Alia Janine comes in studio
4:50 PM How Alia got into porn
4:53 PM First experience with a girl/guy
4:56 PM Japanese rape fantasy pornos
5:00 PM MILF porn
5:02 PM Difference between dating black and white guys
5:05 PM Double penetration
5:07 PM Relationships
5:17 PM Cuckold fantasies
5:19 PM Education background
5:25 PM Trends in the porn industry
5:27 PM Childhood stories

5:33 PM Belle Knox is annoying
5:38 PM Alia's mom met Jeffrey Dahmer
5:40 PM Tree house porn
5:43 PM Sex and the City cliches

5:49 PM Anthony throwback pics

6:06 PM Plugs
6:07 PM END

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