Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014 Rundown


4:01 PM Dennis at Mohegan Sun
4:02 PM Update on the break in at Ant's house
4:04 PM Ant and Keith at the Comedy Cellar podcast
4:10 PM Protests
4:12 PM #ICantBreathe
4:32 PM CALL - Kevin - Houston - Telling cops to fuck off
4:34 PM CALL - Sydney - NY - Sister Wives suggestion
4:37 PM Rat out Tinders Anthony
4:41 PM CALL - Steve - NY - Why Ant gets no love from Tinder

5:05 PM Jackie's take on protesters
5:06 PM Why Jackie stopped drinking
5:13 PM Jackie's 516-922-Wine joke line
5:15 PM The rise of the Stern show
5:20 PM Dom Deluise story
5:23 PM Robin Quivers is black!
5:26 PM FCC reports
5:27 PM Importance of management having your back

5:32 PM Ant doesn't have to leave his house
5:35 PM How Jackie landed on the Stern show
5:39 PM Jackie reading manuals during the show
5:41 PM Ant's wife asks for a threesome
5:50 PM Dominick Barbara's start on Stern
5:54 PM Dominick shows up at Ant's house
5:59 PM Ant learned from Stern show that Sam Kinison died
6:03 PM Joe Piscopo sniffing a sundae

6:06 PM Jackie's music background
6:14 PM Old Long Island clubs
6:17 PM Mutual appreciation
6:20 PM James Brown on Stern
6:24 PM Plugs
6:27 PM END

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