Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 Rundown

4:01 PM Wrestling preview
4:02 PM Ari Shaffir arrives
4:04 PM Ant's mom working at a disco
4:06 PM Cheap friends and cheap beer
4:09 PM Ferguson recap and predictions

4:19 PM Samantha from Super Action Fight joins the table
4:20 PM Samantha's background
4:21 PM The Challenger comes to the table
4:23 PM Ebobo lays the smack down

4:24 PM Start of wrestling
    pic - pic - pic - pic 
4:34 PM End of wrestling

4:36 PM Bobo starts new job today
4:38 PM Bobo job details
4:39 PM Hazmat or non hazmat
4:41 PM Bobo's 4th of July was almost ruined
4:43 PM How Mr. Maloonigans got his name

4:46 PM The Joe DeRosa situation

4:49 PM Samantha reveals she has a boyfriend
4:54 PM Bobo's perfect hair
4:58 PM Bobo's friend in a wheelchair
4:59 PM Bobo chokes up over his friend
5:04 PM Bobo has to go

5:09 PM After school activites cancelled in Ferguson

5:18 PM Dating 20 year olds
5:22 PM The problems with older women
5:28 PM Samantha's feet

5:29 PM Faizon Love defends Bill Cosby over twitter

5:49 PM Socialism in smaller countries
5:52 PM Spinal Tap minimum wage argument

6:00 PM Drive Thru pneumatic tube abortion
6:03 PM Photoshop contest entries

6:06 PM Vasectomies
6:10 PM Plugs
6:16 PM END

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