Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 25, 2014 Rundown


4:01 PM Anthony is safe!

4:04 PM Darren Wilson non-indictment
4:09 PM Hospital pictures of Darren Wilson
4:11 PM Play-by-play account of the shooting
4:18 PM Poor people's brain theory?
4:19 PM Obama starts talking and the tear gas gets launched
4:22 PM Keith the Cop's eye witness account
4:25 PM Businesses in the community
4:26 PM It's indefensible
4:29 PM Keith almost shot a guy with a Walkman
4:34 PM "The Mike Brown Law"
4:36 PM News coverage of the riots
4:39 PM Mike Brown's pictures used by the media

4:48 PM Photoshop contest winner announcement

4:51 PM Jenny Hutt's big red bush

4:57 PM Dr. Steve's bottle of wine
4:58 PM Dr. Steve on Opie and Jim's show

5:02 PM Pouring wine with Bill Cosby
5:03 PM Jenny thinks Cosby did it

5:05 PM Mexican Coke and Passover Coke
5:06 PM Alcohol changing peoples personality
5:10 PM Dr. Steve's divorce party

5:11 PM Anthony's final divorce payment
5:12 PM Dominick Barbara shows up at Ant's house

5:16 PM Dr. Steve's baby penis simulator
5:20 PM Adult circumscisions
5:23 PM Dr. Steve performs a circumscision

5:30 PM Jenny Hutt and Anthony argue the Mike Brown case

5:41 PM Dr Steve's prostate exam training device
5:45 PM Stage 4 prostate insert
5:51 PM Go have your fucking prostate checked
5:52 PM Textures of boobs

5:54 PM CALL - Scott - Montana - Dr. Steve looks like Teller
5:56 PM Dr. Steve's Magic
6:00 PM Bar bets

6:05 PM  Wrap up/plugs
6:08 PM  END

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