Friday, November 14, 2014

Update from Keith The Cop

A note from the self proclaimed Executive Producer

Some of you by now may have received an email if you had been a subscriber or signed up for but never subscribed to the show.

We want to thank you for your responses. These emails were designed to get your feedback as the fans who pay for, did pay for and will pay for the show. While it was a mass mailing, the emails come back directly to the show. Anthony, Rat, Stinky and I read every email personally and take to heart your opinions, criticism and accolades (Even if they suck). Some of you may even see things you asked for in the email implemented into future shows.

The show continues to grow and like I've said in previous posts every day we look to improve and give you what you want (ie downloadable video, phone apps, Roku, etc). As we work towards implementing all these new features rolling out in the next few months, we ask that you continue to let us know what you think on a regular basis.

Remember that if your not a current subscriber the week of November 24th you will be able to watch the show LIVE for free on the front page.

Thanks for all the support


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